Research Form

Welcome to BGS Institute of Management Studies (BGSIMS), an esteemed institution established in 2007 under the auspices of Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust ®.

Undergraduate commerce and management students have proactively established a research forum aimed at promoting research-centric activities within their academic sphere. This platform serves as a conduit for both students and faculty members to delve into an array of contemporary issues within commerce and management, fostering an environment of boundless ideation.

The research forum serves as a dynamic arena for diverse activities including workshops, seminars, webinars, Faculty Development Programs (FDP), Skill Development Programs (SDP), and conferences. These engagements are not only confined to the department but also extend to faculty-led initiatives beyond, amplifying their impact.

This initiative is commendable for its multifaceted advantages. It cultivates a culture of research and analytical thinking, nurturing holistic growth for participants. By enabling interactions between students and faculty members, it facilitates the exchange of knowledge and perspectives, contributing to a richer learning environment. Furthermore, these endeavors contribute to the academic discourse, enriching the understanding of contemporary commerce and management issues.

In essence, the research forum curated by undergraduate students is a testament to their dedication to intellectual exploration. Its activities foster a collaborative space where innovative ideas converge, underscoring the importance of proactive engagement with real-world challenges in the fields of commerce and management.


To be a centre of excellence in all aspects of management education and produce ethical leaders with functional expertise and to improve their employability exponentially


Through participation in the Techno Club’s activities, students would be provided opportunities to develop their managerial and leadership skills, participate in team activities, communicative and interactive skills and to relate their classroom learning to national and global business, industrial and technology related issues and activities.