BGSIMS’s library houses diverse resources, promoting academic growth, intellectual exploration, and collaborative learning among students.

BGSIMS is home to a well-equipped library that serves as the intellectual hub of our college. Our library houses an extensive collection of resources, including textbooks, reference books, research papers, and journals across various disciplines. These resources are meticulously curated to support the academic needs of our B.Com, BBA, and M.Com students. The library also offers a digital database, providing access to numerous e-books and online journals, thus supporting the diverse learning needs of our students.

Beyond just being a repository of information, the library at BGSIMS is a conducive space for study and intellectual exploration. Comfortable seating, quiet study areas, and group discussion rooms ensure that all students can find a space that suits their study preferences. The library staff are always ready to assist students in finding resources and utilizing the library services effectively. The library is more than just a place to find books; it’s a space that fosters a culture of academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and lifelong learning.




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