BGSIMS’s auditorium serves as a venue for various events, fostering cultural expression and intellectual exchange.

BGSIMS is proud to feature a state-of-the-art auditorium, serving as the central hub for various academic and cultural activities. This spacious venue is equipped with modern audio-visual technology and comfortable seating, providing an optimal environment for events such as guest lectures, seminars, cultural performances, and college festivals. The auditorium’s design ensures good acoustics, allowing for clear and effective communication. This space provides an avenue for students from our B.Com, BBA, and M.Com programs to interact, learn, and showcase their talents.

The auditorium plays a significant role in fostering a vibrant campus culture at BGSIMS. It is here that intellectual exchanges take place, ideas are shared, talents are discovered, and memories are made. Whether hosting academic seminars that enrich our students’ learning or cultural events that celebrate our diverse student community, the auditorium embodies the spirit of BGSIMS. It is a space where our students can express themselves, broaden their perspectives, and engage with the larger academic community.


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