Commerce Club

Welcome to BGS Institute of Management Studies (BGSIMS), an esteemed institution established in 2007 under the auspices of Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust ®.

Business club is a student driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and academia for UG Students. The office bearers will be elected for organizing the several events and the students will be divided into the groups each consisting of 10-11 members.

The Business Club at BGSIMS was initiated to provide a forum for students to discuss key business and economic issues. The club gives an opportunity to discuss a wide range of finance and business related issues affecting the world. Students can also take an initiative to do something socially productive, such as helping a small group of disadvantaged people by providing micro-finance to them. Thus, the Business Club offers an invigorating platform for the students to develop a commendable insight into core economic issues of the modern world. Proactive membership of this club is essential for students wishing to study Business related aspects in innovative way.


To be a centre of excellence in all aspects of management education and produce ethical leaders with functional expertise and to improve their employability exponentially


Through participation in the Business Club’s activities, students would be provided opportunities to develop their managerial and leadership skills, participate in team activities, communicative and interactive skills and to relate their classroom learning to national and global business, industrial and technology related issues and activities.