BGSIMS offers robust placement support, connecting students with leading companies for career opportunities and internships.

About Placement Officer

Mrs. Ghanashree C P, the Placement Officer at BGSIMS, plays a vital role in bridging the gap between students and potential employers. Her proactive approach and industry connections have helped students secure opportunities in leading companies. She provides career guidance and organizes placement drives, contributing significantly to the professional growth of students.

At BGSIMS, the placement process for B.Com, BBA, and M.Com programs is comprehensive and meticulously planned. The institution collaborates with numerous top-tier companies, providing students with ample opportunities for internships and job placements. Through workshops, career counseling, and interview preparation, BGSIMS ensures students are well-equipped for their professional journey


BGSIMS recognizes the significance of training in enhancing the employability of B.Com, BBA, and M.Com students. The institute integrates a systematic training approach into its curriculum, focusing on augmenting both technical skills and soft skills. Students undergo industry-specific training programs, workshops, and interactive sessions that allow them to apply classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios. The training records show impressive placement percentages, indicating the effectiveness of the training and the readiness of students to enter the workforce.

The institution has a strong network of training and placement partners, consisting of renowned organizations from various sectors. Training partners contribute to the curriculum by offering industry insights, organizing workshops, and providing internship opportunities. Meanwhile, placement partners actively participate in annual placement drives, hiring students based on their skills and performance. This strategic partnership with industry leaders ensures students receive practical exposure and have a high chance of securing a promising start to their professional journey.


Internships are an integral part of the B.Com, BBA, and M.Com programs at BGSIMS, offering students practical exposure and a chance to apply their academic knowledge in a real-world context. The institution maintains collaborations with numerous esteemed organizations across various industries that provide meaningful internship opportunities. These internships allow students to gain firsthand experience of the professional world, enhancing their understanding of business operations, industry practices, and work ethics. It also helps students build a professional network and boosts their resume, ultimately increasing their employability upon graduation.

Placement Brochure

About Us: BGS Institute of Management Studies (BGSIMS) is a premier educational institution offering high-quality B.Com, BBA, and M.Com programs. We are dedicated to fostering an environment of academic excellence, innovative learning, and ethical leadership.

Our Programs: BGSIMS offers comprehensive B.Com, BBA, and M.Com programs, designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their professional careers. Our curriculum blends theoretical knowledge with practical insights, preparing students to meet the challenges of the ever-evolving business world.

Training & Internship: We place a strong emphasis on practical exposure and industry interaction. Our students undergo rigorous training sessions and workshops to enhance their technical skills and soft skills. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with various organizations provide students with meaningful internship opportunities to gain firsthand professional experience.

Placement Support: At BGSIMS, we provide robust placement support to our students. Our dedicated Placement Cell, led by our Placement Officer, Mrs. Ghanashree C P, facilitates placement drives and maintains collaborations with numerous top-tier companies. The training and placement cell also offers career counseling and interview preparation to ensure our students are well-equipped for their professional journey.

Placement Record: Our placement record reflects our commitment to our students’ career growth. A significant percentage of our students secure job offers from prestigious organizations across various sectors, a testament to the effectiveness of our training and the quality of our graduates.

Placement Partners: We have a strong network of placement partners, which includes leading companies from diverse industries. Our partners actively participate in annual placement drives, offering exciting career opportunities to our students.

Goals Of Training

The primary goals of placement trainings at BGSIMS for B.Com, BBA, and M.Com students are multifaceted. Firstly, they aim to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements, providing students with the skills necessary for the professional world. Secondly, they strive to enhance the employability of students by honing their technical expertise and soft skills, preparing them for job interviews and corporate life. Lastly, the trainings aim to expose students to real-world business scenarios through internships, enabling them to gain practical experience, understand industry trends, and develop problem-solving skills.

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