Boys Hostel

BGSIMS’s computer labs provide students with advanced technology and software, supporting their academic and research pursuits.

At BGSIMS, we are proud to provide our male students with comfortable, secure, and well-maintained hostel facilities. Our boys’ hostel is designed to foster a community environment, promoting both academic and personal growth. The rooms are designed for comfort, with provisions for both single and shared accommodation. The hostel is equipped with all necessary amenities, including study areas, recreational facilities, and Wi-Fi connectivity, to ensure a conducive living and learning environment.

In addition to the physical facilities, we place great emphasis on the overall wellbeing of our hostel residents. The hostel administration is always available to assist students and address their concerns promptly. Regular safety and security measures are in place to ensure the wellbeing of the residents. We also promote various activities aimed at community building and recreational engagement to provide a holistic hostel life. BGSIMS’s boys’ hostel is not just a place to stay, but a space that contributes significantly to our students’ overall college experience.


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