Chief Administrative officer, Chickballapur Division.

About CAO

Learning environment is said that the social and emotional environment which is invisible to teacher. Students react to the environment which is a composite of many factors and particular aspects of the environment effect changes in particular areas of the cognitive development at certain critical points in time and plays a crucial and influential role in the cognitive development process of the students. These environmental factors provide a richly structured milieu of experience, which affects the student’s far reaching manner, and they might shape and determine many of the student’s preferences, habits etc., and will consciously and subconsciously influence many of their behaviours and actions. We are all well aware of the fact that cognitive development normally and naturally takes place within an environment; therefore a lot of emphasis is placed on shaping the college’s environment to be ‘student-friendly’ and ‘student-centric’. Such a nurturing environment will enhance their experience and exposure and also will to increase their self –worth. At this college, the environment in which learning occurs is scientifically planned and specially created to achieve the stated objectives and desired goals, sparing no expenses. The emphasis will be on providing an uplifting social and academic environment in which the student can grow, be taught and learn the relevance of and respect for all the things in life.