BGSIMS encourages cricket, promoting teamwork, strategic thinking, physical fitness, and sportsmanship among students.

Cricket plays an integral part in the sporting culture of BGSIMS. A popular sport not only in India but around the world, cricket teaches our students valuable lessons in teamwork, strategic thinking, and sportsmanship. We have a dedicated cricket pitch in our sports facilities, where students can regularly practice and participate in matches. Whether you’re a part of our B.Com, BBA, or M.Com program, cricket offers an opportunity to develop physical fitness, enhance team collaboration skills, and foster a healthy competitive spirit.

BGSIMS also organizes inter-college and intra-college cricket tournaments, providing students with the opportunity to compete and showcase their sporting talent. These events not only promote the sport but also instill a sense of camaraderie and collective spirit among our students. Our coaching staff provides guidance and training to students, ensuring they can enhance their skills and understand the nuances of the game. At BGSIMS, we believe in the power of sport in shaping well-rounded individuals, and cricket is a significant part of that belief.


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